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Put an End to the Dilemma of Buying a Car in Sacramento

The state capital of California, Sacramento, is the sixth largest city of the state. The Time Magazine, named it as America's Most Diverse City. The diversity can be attributed to the gold rush. Since then, the city is a hub for economic and cultural activities. Because of the Mediterranean climate and calm neighborhood, the city is an ideal place for living.

So in a city like Sacramento, is it really important for a person to buy a new car or should he completely rely on the public transport services? Considering the excellent public transport services, you are bound to get caught up in a dilemma. So, here are some of the reasons for buying a new car rather than depending on the public transport service.

· The Hurdles of Climate

Being situated just 25ft. above sea level, the city offers a Mediterranean climate. It means the summers are hot and dry while winters are cold and damp. The Mediterranean climate is pleasurable but the mercury plummets considerably in winters. Also, it rains heavily in the area which makes travelling with the help of public transport services difficult.

Sudden changes in the temperatures can be very difficult to adjust, especially when you are a bus or a train. Owning a car can help you in overcoming any hurdle related to the climate.

· It isn't always good to Walk

Walk Score ranked Sacramento as the 24th most walk-able city of the fifty largest American cities. But is it a good idea to walk every time? If you walk down to your office, you'll be completely drenched in sweat due to humid weather. Also it won't look good if you are late for your date because you were taking a "walk".

Well, when you think practically, walking isn't the wisest option for you. Instead, opt for buying a car because it can help you in going anywhere on time and in style.

· The Crowded Public Transport Services

Sacramento Regional Transit District, which serves the city and suburbs of Sacramento, ranks as the eleventh busiest agency in America. The population of the metropolitan region is also over 2.1 million. Just think of the number of people who will be using the same inland transit modes during the rush hours.

High population makes buying a new car a good choice. It will ensure a stress-free ride to the office. You can save your precious time and you need not adjust the timings with the public transport services.

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