Selasa, 25 April 2017

Why Are High Intensity Discharge Bulbs Dangerous?

 I want to talk about High Intensity Discharge Bulbs of HID's. These bulbs are very popular among the car communities because of the very bright output. Now this is not new technology the idea came from a man called Francis Hauksbee back in the 18th century, who worked in electricity, and electrostatic repulsion, and later was elected in the Fellow of the Royal Society, but this basic idea is still used today. These HID kits can be purchased online for about $40+ but we have to stop them.

These HID kits are so easily accessible that people misuse them on the road. They are being installed on vehicle headlights, and even fog-lights. It wouldn't be so bad, but you see these HID kits are made for projector headlights and not halogen housing headlights. There is a HUGE difference between the two headlights.

Halogen housing headlights are the yellowish-orange lights we see on cars every day, and the color is done on purpose so we are not blinding other drivers on the road. After seeing that HID bulbs have a higher output of light, and essentially lighting the whole road, people feel the need to buy them and put them on their cars headlights, but getting the extra light has a negative effect because it blinds other drivers. Your stock headlights does not have a cut-off point to deter the light from shining into other drivers eyes, thus these HID bulbs are a danger on the road.

Projector headlights have a sphere shape that has a cut-off point and directs the light to the road. The effect helps other drivers because they aren't being blinded by the output these lights give. Car makers now are building cars with these headlights, but if you have an older vehicle please be more cautious toward other drivers when you are upgrading your cars lighting system. If you want to be safer on the road, make sure you polish your headlights at least once a month, clean the inside of your windshield once a week, and to further protect yourself buy and use a dash cam.

People are very unpredictable, and will always want to make their lives easier even if it affects other drivers. These HID headlights are installed on their vehicle so that they get better visibility on the road without realizing that is impairs the vision of other people, and thus can even cause great harm. With all this being said I want to educate everyone, and even if it's something very minor, I want to make sure everyone is safe behind the wheel, and get to their loved ones safely.

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